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Here at Transformation Fitness our main objectives are to deliver lasting results that will leave you injury free. We have helped over 100 people reach their goals and hope you can be next!

We Run Small group training for people with Fat loss, Athletic and muscle gaining goals. These programs are designed to get you to your goals as fast as possible while keeping your joints healthy. We provide a free assessment that gives us the information to start you off in the right direction and keep your injury free.

These workouts are designed to Burn Body Fat, Correct Imbalances, Stabilize your joints where they need to be stabilized, prevent injuries, strengthen your core and posterior chain, and reduce and eventually eliminate pain if you have any. Each individual will get an assessment done before starting their workout program so that the trainers can correct the appropriate imbalances.

twelve-week program

This Program Is Designed to burn 25 or more pounds in 12 weeks!

The Program Includes

12 Weeks Of Unlimited Personal Training Sessions. A 14-Day Detox. A Meal Plan, Grocery List, and Recipe Book. Unlimited Nutrition Sessions. Access to 24/7 Support through Team Transformation Fitness FB Group. Weekly “Keep it Up” Coaching Calls. Monthly Theme Workouts to keep you On Track. Accountability Binder to measure your progress.


small group training

Our small group training sessions consist of groups of 1-7 people per trainer. Each person goes through a consultation and full body assessment that is very thorough. Each individual is given their own individual program that is designed based on the results of their assessment for their own specific needs and is allowed to train as many times a month as they can.

These sessions are very goal oriented and provide results at the fasted rate possible. Individual meal plans are included.

Nutrition Program

We provide nutrition programs with all of our programs. Considering that eating for results is half the battle, this lifestyle change should be a part of everyone’s programs. These plans are all individualized and are designed to help you achieve your goals.

online programming

In our online programming we get you do an individual assessment where you either record yourself or get someone else to record you. Once we get the results back from you, we design the program for you and put together an individual nutrition plan for you. From there we can go over the routine in the studio or we can send you the videos with the exercise descriptions.

These programs are only $100 and are very individualized depending on your goals.


jared dalli.

founder & personal trainer

Over the course of his now 11-year career as a Fitness Trainer, Jared has based his career around his passion for helping people achieve health and fitness goals. As a former amateur athlete himself, he has attracted many types of athletes -- hockey, soccer, and volleyball players, snowboarders, and swimmers and many more.

However, his own encounter with an autoimmune disease led him to learn about nutritional health overall, allowing him to eliminate the issue as well as find a solution for Fat loss!

With his own Transformation Fitness programs, he has helped 100's of individuals reach their Fat Loss and Athletic goals.